A Moment of Bliss

Take time to enjoy the moment…A lifetime can exist within the few minutes you let pass you by…Learn to pay attention to the details: the lines, the brushstrokes, the colors, the mediums, the sounds, the music, the flavors, the feeling.

The details are what capture the uniqueness and quality of what is being said in the design…the nature of the thought determines the matrix of the paradigm…

when we rush through life impatient and void of an attention span necessary to grasp the bliss of infinity, time becomes a prison and we see only its limits; but where there is an investment made into this bliss, time becomes irrelevant and what really matters is all that transpires and transitions us from moment to moment, hour after hour.

In the old adage “haste makes waste” we see the truth in Ghandi’s words : “there is more to life than increasing its speed.”

We should not,however, enjoy the moment to cash out our egos for self serving benefit, but more so to enjoy the emptiness of the moment as it becomes filled with that mystical phenomenon of universal unfolding called Love.

Love is in fact the very fabric and energy that created the vastness of the Kosmos–whether viewed in the allegory of six days or the science of trillions of years–it all took time, and if the Creator took time to make it, enjoyed it and saw fit to create us to be beneficiaries of this Glory, then the least we can do is surrender to this bliss and embrace it in the fullness of time unfolding each moment.

A moment of Bliss

is a lifetime of happiness

you may not

want to miss

embrace each moment

as if

it was

your very first kiss

as the universe unfolds

hold each other close

and never let go

The Love Supreme

is the Bond                                   that links

your souls

when we love

we should love freely

to be liberated into peace and harmony

through the painful darkness

of  misunderstanding

to the tranquil light

of coming forth by day

peaceful nights

peaceful days

no worries

no troubles


whatever may

…Pay attention for a moment…and you may receive…a lifetime of joy…


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