Cosmic Awareness

Many of the issues facing the Black community today is due to the lack of spirituality. Materialism and ego driven attitudes block the path for this ascension process.

Steeped in religious practices that bind us to this illusion, we have fallen away from our cosmic awareness. In the Khemetic light we were connected to the inter-dimensional fabric of our oneness that called forth from the aethers and the primordial waters all that is; we set in motion time from the light of thought and so began our journey to experience ourselves in the complete extent of all our creation.

With a history that transcends and renders time irrelevant we have found ourselves in this day and age reaching for the compassion of the random abstract to bring us back into balance; meanwhile as the paradigm shifts, our neighborhoods,our families, our communities are being terrorized by the ignorance of ignorance and the lack of knowledge of self in the form of those we have called forth from the wombs of our Queens without the manifest destiny or guidance or cosmic awareness to be beneficial and productive to the collective consciousness of our evolution.

The karmic debts have been escrowed into accounts of tragedy and pain  too numerous to mention in one lifetime that we dare not withdraw from any further.

This material plane of existence is  educational, yet it should not be the main focus of our endeavors because everything on the physical plane manifest has a spiritual counterpart or origin, so if we want to solve our social ills we must go within…close our eyes…journey beyond this illusion…the ego of the one mind…and find balance in cosmic awareness.

This is not to say that we have to eliminate all negativity- if we truly understand the concepts-because there is the balance of both when you consider the duality of this realm and its spiritual lessons; instead we must re-learn the laws of the universe after unlearning our obsession with the underworld temptations.

Because of our ignorance various entities have run amuck feasting on our spiritual and psychic vertigo like a smorgasbord of mayhem within the God-consciousness; so we wake up to news flashes of teenagers raping elderly women and the young dancing with wolves in the streets.

We must re-teach ourselves the laws we have set in motion as the balance in the scales in order to come again unto peace.

There are many laws but they can all be best understood through seven principles to be mastered:

I. All is Law

II. As Above, So Below

III. All is in Vibration

IV. Everything Flows

V. All is Mind

VI. Everything is Dual

VII. Everything has Masculine and Feminine Nature

With this understanding we can move into energy cultivation so that we can channel  it in the proper directions for ascension purposes of the collective consciousness evolution and cosmic awareness.

Ultimately, however, we are all sovereign souls responsible for ourselves so the lesson must be first re-learned by the individual in order to plug back in to the collective as a productive element.

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