Emotion Commotion

What is emotion? Emotion is just that E-Motion…energy in motion…if not directed and guided this can wreak havoc on our spirit. Women seem(emphasis on seem because i have been amazed)to be more emotional than men some may say but the overall view depends on the orientation of the individual.If one is taught to use logic and reasoning they will utilize these tools to direct and guide their emotions for a more constructive purpose.

Emotion and emotionalism is yet another weapon used by the ego to imbalance your higher self and succumb to the material manifestations of lower consciousness. Yes part of emotions is feelings and desires,but it can be greater both in the negative and positive if controlled or uncontrolled.

It is a creative or destructive force relative to the recipient or the projector.Since it is energy in motion we need to have logic to guide it.

Logic is both inductive and deductive reasoning, or the science  that investigates reliable and correctly inferred information. (in form at ion recieved compared to in form at ion given)

Often times in even general conversation if we are emotional and do not listen to what is being said (inductive reasoning) we fail to have the properly thought out response (deductive reasoning ).Keeping in mind that energy is a constant that is never destroyed only transformed,when we engage each other through thought construct or conflict it is important to be aware of where you are in your thought process and use logic to guide the energy for an overall more positive outcome even if you agree to disagree.

words=the sounds of expressed thoughts

emotion= energy in motion

emotional words=the energetic sound of expressed thoughts in motion

logical words=sound of expressed thoughts reasoned (re Sunned) inductively(reflected within self) or deductively ( relative to self)

If you combine emotion and logic you can get the overall perspective in a harmonic balance;You get both the feeling and the understanding(energy and meaning).

As we direct our words on a day to day basis these sounds, if amplified or modulated they can either wreak havoc or create heaven and joy in the lives we encounter…innerstanding, however, that logic can be corrupted by the ego as well…you either see the love of God or you ease God out…

For a more balanced relationship with self or others, think about what you feel,why you feel that way how you came to that conclusion, who it will effect,and where you need to go from there with your answer…if you do this—you will innerstand all the emotion commotion.



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