The ephemeral state of existence in this realm warrants an ever exploratory attitude.

We have our maps to guide us on our way,whether it be the subatomic temporates of feeling, or the intra-celestial quantum KOSMOS of thought,we can never really get lost;though the sea is vast we set sail anew each day with a different destination in mind,and although it seems we arrive at the same location(some of us)each night,perception is relative to our focus and innerstanding.

In the sometimes quagmire of causation, we search more often for the why’s than the why nots, because we fear the unknown.As it relates to personal development however,if you don’t know you will always question(and i’ll leave the ambiguity there for the feast of imagination).

Embrace the parallels to transcend causation;feed your desires the emptiness of vibration and resonate in the frequency of the fulcrum of the balance and the scales will never burden your heart.


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