Love Freedom Reality

i have stepped out of the doorway into the infinite halls of heaven. Out on the antakarana i have seen my reflection in the diamond sutra of shambhallah; Intentionally i tread the waters poured from the water bearers buckets. Balanced in the scales, my heart is no longer heavy; shaped in fire i sound the horn of the celestial ram.

Dancing with desert dragons my art has been crafted in the tantric aethers.The twins are awakened in the salutations of eternity.As i swim further upstream, the fountain of wisdom flows near the tree of life that bears the fruit of innerstanding. The reeds sing, and the fife is in choral harmony;the trumpets sound and the drums call the cadence of Divine order. i bow to the four corners of the Kosmos, i smile as bright as 10,000 morning stars.

I AM come forth by day


Namaste Iklas

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