It is very interesting to trace our roots as far as our core ideas as adults to see how, what, and who shaped us into being who we are today; you can go into astrology and astronomy or various other subject matters to get to the root but the surface of who we are reflects the root in how we respond to others and interact with the world.

There are a myriad of belief systems in the world that all claim to lead to enlightenment of various sorts whether religious or spiritual, but i believe what matters most is how your parents influenced you at a very impressionable age that still follows you today. I am ever so grateful for my parents because they not only spoke and taught about life and how to live they showed me with a physical example that was real— and the greatest thing you can do to honor your parents whether they left you a good example or not is to enjoy life to the fullest.

As you grow older and develop your own opinions and view of the world and its wonders, you will always reference back to your roots,and whether they were happy or sad we can always find the valuable lesson to be learned. Overall, living in frequency earth (life) is lifetimes of valuable expiriences (love) and the more we expirience it, the more— hopefully— we will learn from it, to benefit ourselves and all around us. Our Mothers and Fathers planted the seeds…how well has our garden grown?




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