The Inner Indigo Of Sound

Music as a social paradigm has no color lines, only the colors of the thoughts of sound;it is the spiritual adhesive that maintains basilar cohesion,relative to the tone intelligence of the listener.To The Adept A good listener “here’s” what is to be said through the fabric of thought by sound vibrations.For the apprentice,however,to merely strike a chord succinctly enharmonized is only just the beginning of a glorious journey through intrascalar, hyper-harmonic, alternating, spirillian, azimuths.

Being a musician is like being a sculpture of fine art;being a musical explorer is moor of being a navigator across the corridors of the KOSMOS to see the abstraction of sounds splatched in colors of random hues from the palette of a trillion  super nova suns onto the canvas of all dark matter.

You can tell one’s mind by the music they listen to;you can tell one’s heart by the music they create,and vice versa…