We journey beyond the ego to the enlightenment of cosmic humanity,upstream to spawn vision,referring dreams to celestial manifestation,peace spirits and the dawn of new suns.

Millenniums of worlds beyond the sight of abysmal gods,we walk in the chakric luminescence of the rainbow bridge shifting between emotion,logic and reason–navigating the ego–we appeal to this monadic construct of our essence to grasp the true reality of all there is.

In the Mantric mode where time is irrelevant,we realize that the compassion of this random abstract is living,organic,vibrational energy from lifetimes of valuable expiriences; so, here, now, as a muse of celestial scribes, divine maestros,and cosmic artists we scroll wisdom on the hearts of humanity,play symphonies into the winds of change,and paint variable destinies on the infinite canvas to remind us that all we need to do is smile and enjoy the moment of bliss knowing that we exist because Love is Supreme….join hands with us…excel…ascend…be free…be at peace…


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