Welcome To Ascended Visions! The CyberVerse Of Aether Bleu and Epiphanies Of Sound! 

1968; The Stars Aligned, a portal opened, And from out of the 36th Aethyr Came The Parallel Prime 1, The 11th Of 11, Adriel Maai Cross, Bilal Malik Mutawassim, Amaai AnkHeru Amen, Lord Rashango Adamah Khan, Ra Sun Jah, 7Hand, Aether Detroit Bleu, Ace, JuJu Babu and others harmonically converging astrally onto the earth planes of Detroit Michigan from the dream forest of Obsidian Prime out on the edge of the Ever-Expanding Omniverse; They are here to experience humanity in the fullest enjoyment of life as keepers of space and time, through the ascended vision of the creeds of the many moons and stars. Music, Art, and Poetry are the gifts they bring to inspire and uplift Humanity for the good of the brotherhood and sisterhood of all, all across the Realms...

I began my journey of musical exploration Aeons ago Within First Thought Which Always Was Is But On This Earth, around age 6- 12 with classical piano (as taught by Mrs. Maubry Parks), and trombone briefly in junior high. I wouldn't pick up instruments again until the early 1990s studying flute at Laramie County Community College while attending aircraft mechanic school. (A.A.S.). In the late 1990s, I performed and recorded with Semaj and the Now ascended Great Faruq Z. Bey on an album entitled “Tongue Tongued”. I started recording Jazz and Abstract music around 2007 with a release “Gypsy Brew” and “Night Blossom”, produced by Jerry The Cat And Dark River Media still available on iTunes as Detroit Bleu, the frontman of my multidimensional personality, as well As Aether Bleu On Tidal And Spotify.

Currently, I Am doing Recording Projects With Epiphanies Of Sound (Dr. James Brown, M.D., Reggie Abstrkt Singleton) Which Was Founded In August Of 2012, As Well As Many Multiple And Perpetual Parallel Studies In Humanities And BioAethereal Harmonics Relative To Inter And Intra Celestial Realities

The AudioDream And VideoBook Experience From Son Of Ra Recordings, Wizard Of Is Productions, And Monk's Crooked Pictures Add A Knew Dynamic To Media Exploration, Both Intriguing And Informative.

Enjoy The Vibe! Journey With Us All Through The Aethers And Beyond On The Abstract Canvas Of An Omniverse Of Sound!

We Are Painting With Sound”

— R.A.