On Existence

The Tangible inferences of personality permeates the Aether to submit matter to form;form vibrates the heart in the frequency of the mind to reason the logic of matter; matter is the tangible reality of being; emotion is the rhythm of being that manifests individuality into a singular soul. The Aether is the singularity of the One Mind Supreme, the purpose Of being---The very Essence of the fabric of the Omniverse that transcends all space and time.”

— Amaai AnkHeru Amen

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The Endeavors Of Life

What Makes You Vibe The Highest?



An Elder Friend Of My Father’s (Before He Ascended) said to me about life “Live Your Truth” I Thought Nothing Could Match The Volumes Of Wisdom Packed Into My Mother’s Ascension Words “ Enjoy Life”, Then Here comes This One...Wow...Knowing Full Well That My Truth May Not Be A Reality For Others But I Do Know This: The Brotherhood Of Man Is Far Moor Important Than The Ego Of Any Individual And In My Elevenated Consciousness : Time Is Irrelevant;There Is Only The Compassion Of The Random Abstract, So To Live My Truth May Be A Reality Others May Not Fully Comprehend...Here, Imagination Is The Sound Of Thought Traveling At The Speed Of Art... 

Asiatic Rhythm Technology 


Art is the desert of creativity;once you add water to it, the water of inspiration, you may discover many treasures from the oasis of the mind; yet as the winds of change and the heat of hegemony burns in the hearts of tyrants can it fade into the abyss of knowledge as vast as the oceans of the kosmoverse.

Dynamic Sphere 

dynamic sphere


When it comes to self-defense think of your body as a planet and your attacker(s) as natural or unnatural phenomena whether it be alien invaders or objects from outer space. Your foundation should be firmly rooted like trees,your counters should be swift and fierce as the winds of a hurricane and your flow of motion should be like the oceans, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, and seas…breathing like a cool brisk day;this is the dynamic sphere and like the atom you gravitate thoughts of well being from within and all around your personal space of consciousness…then whenever threatened— relative variable to the degree of the threat—respond like the fusion of atomic bomb.

“To be free from Ego, close your eyes, listen with your heart, speak with no mind.”

~Makoto Anusara

When The Mountains Were Trees 

When the mountains used to be trees we could see everything from the ground up and the sky down the spirit was all around

Now man is in dis ease

The gods are not pleased

And we all seek the energy

Of she

To rebirth the earth into a new glory

Most don’t know the real story

Lost in allegory

Only time will tell

If we are to ever ascend the depths of hell

This paradise of the fallen

Paradox of the enlightened


As the faces of the moon

Reflects the he art of the Suns

So shall a new day with the ancient ways

Become one

We will write our destiny across the stars

Sing the songs of praise

Throughout the aethers

And as the universes unfold

The many blessings of

The Originator We Are Eternally Grateful

We are Eternally Grateful1479966217096

The Inner Indigo Of Sound 

Music as a social paradigm has no color lines, only the colors of the thoughts of sound;it is the spiritual adhesive that maintains basilar cohesion,relative to the tone intelligence of the listener.To The Adept A good listener “here’s” what is to be said through the fabric of thought by sound vibrations.For the apprentice,however,to merely strike a chord succinctly enharmonized is only just the beginning of a glorious journey through intrascalar, hyper-harmonic, alternating, spirillian, azimuths.

Being a musician is like being a sculpture of fine art;being a musical explorer is moor of being a navigator across the corridors of the KOSMOS to see the abstraction of sounds splatched in colors of random hues from the palette of a trillion  super nova suns onto the canvas of all dark matter.

You can tell one’s mind by the music they listen to;you can tell one’s heart by the music they create,and vice versa…



The ephemeral state of existence in this realm warrants an ever exploratory attitude.

We have our maps to guide us on our way,whether it be the subatomic temporates of feeling, or the intra-celestial quantum KOSMOS of thought,we can never really get lost;though the sea is vast we set sail anew each day with a different destination in mind,and although it seems we arrive at the same location(some of us)each night,perception is relative to our focus and innerstanding.

In the sometimes quagmire of causation, we search more often for the why’s than the why nots, because we fear the unknown.As it relates to personal development however,if you don’t know you will always question(and i’ll leave the ambiguity there for the feast of imagination).

Embrace the parallels to transcend causation;feed your desires the emptiness of vibration and resonate in the frequency of the fulcrum of the balance and the scales will never burden your heart.




It is very interesting to trace our roots as far as our core ideas as adults to see how, what, and who shaped us into being who we are today; you can go into astrology and astronomy or various other subject matters to get to the root but the surface of who we are reflects the root in how we respond to others and interact with the world.

There are a myriad of belief systems in the world that all claim to lead to enlightenment of various sorts whether religious or spiritual, but i believe what matters most is how your parents influenced you at a very impressionable age that still follows you today. I am ever so grateful for my parents because they not only spoke and taught about life and how to live they showed me with a physical example that was real— and the greatest thing you can do to honor your parents whether they left you a good example or not is to enjoy life to the fullest.

As you grow older and develop your own opinions and view of the world and its wonders, you will always reference back to your roots,and whether they were happy or sad we can always find the valuable lesson to be learned. Overall, living in frequency earth (life) is lifetimes of valuable expiriences (love) and the more we expirience it, the more— hopefully— we will learn from it, to benefit ourselves and all around us. Our Mothers and Fathers planted the seeds…how well has our garden grown?




Emotion Commotion 

What is emotion? Emotion is just that E-Motion…energy in motion…if not directed and guided this can wreak havoc on our spirit. Women seem(emphasis on seem because i have been amazed)to be more emotional than men some may say but the overall view depends on the orientation of the individual.If one is taught to use logic and reasoning they will utilize these tools to direct and guide their emotions for a more constructive purpose.

Emotion and emotionalism is yet another weapon used by the ego to imbalance your higher self and succumb to the material manifestations of lower consciousness. Yes part of emotions is feelings and desires,but it can be greater both in the negative and positive if controlled or uncontrolled.

It is a creative or destructive force relative to the recipient or the projector.Since it is energy in motion we need to have logic to guide it.

Logic is both inductive and deductive reasoning, or the science  that investigates reliable and correctly inferred information. (in form at ion recieved compared to in form at ion given)

Often times in even general conversation if we are emotional and do not listen to what is being said (inductive reasoning) we fail to have the properly thought out response (deductive reasoning ).Keeping in mind that energy is a constant that is never destroyed only transformed,when we engage each other through thought construct or conflict it is important to be aware of where you are in your thought process and use logic to guide the energy for an overall more positive outcome even if you agree to disagree.

words=the sounds of expressed thoughts

emotion= energy in motion

emotional words=the energetic sound of expressed thoughts in motion

logical words=sound of expressed thoughts reasoned (re Sunned) inductively(reflected within self) or deductively ( relative to self)

If you combine emotion and logic you can get the overall perspective in a harmonic balance;You get both the feeling and the understanding(energy and meaning).

As we direct our words on a day to day basis these sounds, if amplified or modulated they can either wreak havoc or create heaven and joy in the lives we encounter…innerstanding, however, that logic can be corrupted by the ego as well…you either see the love of God or you ease God out…

For a more balanced relationship with self or others, think about what you feel,why you feel that way how you came to that conclusion, who it will effect,and where you need to go from there with your answer…if you do this—you will innerstand all the emotion commotion.



Nothing New Under The Sun: ” Going Green” 

Knowledge is essential to every aspect of life from the cradle to the grave and beyond; Wisdom is critical to maneuvering through life efficiently with the least amount of drama, stress and hardship; understanding(and innerstanding and overstanding) is tantamount to fitting all the pieces together and making an adequate practical application of all essential parts.

When we are young we are more care free and adventurous to explore the universe as it is to discover for ourselves all the exciting things it has to offer…with age we begin to realize the words of the wise one “there is nothing new under the sun”…and time slows down or speeds up depending on whether we remember how to have fun and enjoy every moment or if we lose the light of love and get bored with the repetition of conditioning and programming of the mainframe uploads.With the mountain of  ego and ignorance we must overcome in this realm(the real lesson) we can get sidetracked from our ultimate mission—learning to love ourselves.

Life happens,and we happen to life. Family,friends,acquaintances all may focus or distract us from what we are here to do. The bottom line is, when you leave you definitely will be faced with either a job well done or an order to return to complete the goal. For some it takes lifetimes to learn the lesson and for others,perhaps, a seemingly shortened Life or childhood.

The Energy of the ego is like a combustion engine that constantly needs to be fed with “fossil” fuels that deplete the protective atmosphere of our personal “O-Zone” layer of higher self . The remedy to this condition is to “Go Green” and tune our chakras up to the note and keys of personal peace, harmony and tranquility.

In our relationships we may like the fast car,gas guzzlin’, rollercoaster rides of adventure we engage on a day to day basis but “going green” may mean a total overhaul in the way we transport thoughts to manifestation from one place to another and get more “fuel efficient” spiritual and social technology to get us further down the path and closer to the destination point on our soul map.

Wherever you are,whatever you are destined to become,make sure it is not totally dependent on others, or for that fact even relative to them at all…because in the end you will only have to answer for yourself,to yourself. Anything you don’t like about someone else usually is an indicator of what you don’t like about yourself or what you have overcome in the past present life or past life.

Music, Art, and Poetry is the M.A.P. to the S.T.A.R.S. these are the keys to “going green”.

If you have not engaged any or all of these crafts you need to in order to get to know yourself better as well as studying yourself in order to know what makes you get more “M.P.G.”. When you broaden your perspectives and go for self,you begin to realize and know who your best supporter is and who believes and knows you best: YOU. Here, you  are your own worst and best critic,and for that matter everyone and everything else is irrelevant as long as you don’t depend on those same “fossil fuels” that guarantee your “o-zone” depletion over time.

Music is the universal language that harmonically converges spirit, mind, and body. It can heal,build,and destroy; it is a  celestial gift we all possess deep within that in some cases needs to mined from the deepest depths of our psyche, brought to the surface and refined to serve a purpose of higher destiny, for the good of ourselves and humanity.

“Music is the sound of the man that makes up his mind.”

Art is our gift from the God to display in this realm the astral canvases of thought that portrays how we see the world, in a definitive construct or the compassion of the random abstract. This allows us to review the soul matrix imprint left on our psyches over aeons of time so that we may be able to review and pass all tests from journeys past,present and future…these pictures of the mind crafted by hand help us to peer into the divine scheme of self and the universe to travel more efficiently and/ or work out the math of anything.

“From your picture of a thousand words there are a thousand  worlds that form.”

Poetry is the art of  wordsmithing.  It is an art form of painting pictures with words. It can speak into existence the life of love or the dreadful depths of depression and death. When skillfully crafted poetry can be as melodic as the most heavenly song, as visual as the most masterfully crafted painting on  life’s canvas, and as sweet as God’s words that were spoken to birth the universe. If you’ve never tried it, take your thoughts,paint a picture with your words,write it down,Rite it up, and say it out loud…when you hear it for yourself…you’ll be able to work it all out.

“when you write down you rite it all around;when you say it out loud the blessings or curses come down”

Evolution has brought us full circle from horseback to jet pack it all depends on how fast you want to get there; time is irrelevant—there is only the compassion of the random abstract—love.  Indeed there is nothing new under the sun so “going green” is the path to another one.



Love Freedom Reality 

i have stepped out of the doorway into the infinite halls of heaven. Out on the antakarana i have seen my reflection in the diamond sutra of shambhallah; Intentionally i tread the waters poured from the water bearers buckets. Balanced in the scales, my heart is no longer heavy; shaped in fire i sound the horn of the celestial ram.

Dancing with desert dragons my art has been crafted in the tantric aethers.The twins are awakened in the salutations of eternity.As i swim further upstream, the fountain of wisdom flows near the tree of life that bears the fruit of innerstanding. The reeds sing, and the fife is in choral harmony;the trumpets sound and the drums call the cadence of Divine order. i bow to the four corners of the Kosmos, i smile as bright as 10,000 morning stars.

I AM come forth by day


Namaste Iklas