When The Mountains Were Trees

When the mountains used to be trees we could see everything from the ground up and the sky down the spirit was all around

Now man is in dis ease

The gods are not pleased

And we all seek the energy

Of she

To rebirth the earth into a new glory

Most don’t know the real story

Lost in allegory

Only time will tell

If we are to ever ascend the depths of hell

This paradise of the fallen

Paradox of the enlightened


As the faces of the moon

Reflects the he art of the Suns

So shall a new day with the ancient ways

Become one

We will write our destiny across the stars

Sing the songs of praise

Throughout the aethers

And as the universes unfold

The many blessings of

The Originator We Are Eternally Grateful

We are Eternally Grateful1479966217096

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