The nine roots of the Sky Tree Bears the fruit of the Eternal Spirit; hidden within are the 36 doors to the way beyond; I am older than thought or time in this moment; feed me coffee and pound cake and the lemon water of the celestial Springs; ominous and compassionate re-membering forgotten names of the immortal soul; retracing footprints on the shores of cosmic seas in days of old, where many ...journeys in stories remain untold,with Moor lessons as dimensions fold; Here I am now in the silence of this flesh, to make the noise of the heart resounding like the drum Thunder seed of Novas; the divine flute of the heavens is in my heart played with the strings of theology, strum in the convergence of the harmonic shades of magnanimity; ripened in the dark matter of the kosmos I am a symphony of celestial songs...”

— Amaai AnkHeru Amen