Audio Dream Therapy Sessions

These are Audio Dreams, Intended For Dream Therapy to assist with Astral conundrums... it is like lucid dreaming or watching a movie or reading a book with your eyes closed through musical interpretation. It is intended to be a form of guided meditation only by the transition of each song and reading the script first. Before you begin, ensure you are in a safe, quiet place, where you will not be disturbed for a few hours. It is ideal to use noise canceling headphones and to choose a time preferably during midnight and 5am when everyone is asleep so as not to be distracted and to complete the entire session in one uninterrupted set. Even if the rhythms or sound themes seem strange or unusual or don't seem to follow one another, keep it going and adapt to the change. At the end of each session record what you saw and how it made you feel. This is a service offered  by Ascended Visions Spirit Of The Mind Mission Free Of Charge and your donations will go towards the further creation of more therapy  sessions and musical exploration. (files Are zip files containing images scripts and mp3 files)(click The Images For each download)




"Corazon Del Fuego"

"Infant Dreams"

"Tao Of The Labyrinth"

"Unseen Frequencies"